2011 Nibbles

By: BT Editors - April 23, 2011

Add here your suggestions for Niblet-worthy Bloggernacle action for 2011.

2010 Niblet Winners

By: BT Editors - March 15, 2011

Best Blog:

BCC (Runner-up: Wheat and Tares)

Best Blogger:

Ardis Parshall (Scott B.)

Best Commenter:

MikeInWeHo (B. Russ)

Write-in Award:

BCC Zeitcast

Best Posts:


Moroni Vuvuzela, Matt Page (Best Beards, Ardis Parshall)

Contemporary Mormonism:

LDS Gospel Teaching, John C (Young Women, FMH Lisa)


Scriptural Literalism, Ardis Parshall (Sacrament of Grief, Latter-day Guy)


Fascinating Womanhood, Stephanie (An Appeal to Mitt Romney, John Fowles)


Correlation, Brad Kramer and Daymon Smith (Temple Annex & Wrecking Ball Blues, J. Stapley and Ardis Parshall)


Banner of Heaven, Scott B

Niblets, Round Two

By: BT Editors - March 6, 2011


Here’s a link to all of the nominations (some category changes made for the poll). Voting on this and the other round will remain open until Sunday 13th March.

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Niblets Voting, Round One

By: BT Editors -

It’s the Oscars tonight, which must mean it’s also Niblet time. Please vote for the Best of the Bloggernacle 2010. (In a few days, we will open a different round of voting for the best posts.)

Here’s how we have come to the nominations: We looked for recurring proposals in the Nibbles threads and then surveyed a panel of established Bloggernaclers from all corners of the ‘nacle to fill in any gaps. The process isn’t perfect, but it is what it is.

So, vote!

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Robert Anae & Replay Booth Give Utah Win

By: Rusty - November 27, 2010

The two plays that lost the game for BYU:

1) Up by 6 points, 4th-and-inches in the red zone and Robert Anae decides that because BYU has been averaging over 3 yards a carry, they should throw it. Incomplete of course. Genius.

2) Even my Ute friends in the room admitted that Bradley’s knee was down. Apparently the replay booth uses only their memory rather than video.

Honorable Mention: kicking the extra point to go up by 13 rather than go for two, giving you a possible 2-touchdown lead (acknowledging that if you miss, being up by 12 is the same as being up by 13)

Either way, it was a great game and an amazing FG block by the U.

Nibbles Open Thread

By: BT Editors - November 21, 2010

As has been suggested, here is a rolling resource for adding nominations for 2010 Niblets. If you see something Niblet-worthy, post it here.

Towards the end of the year, these and earlier Nibble nominations will be collated. Niblet nominations will then be announced, followed by a vote.

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